The Homeles of St Vincent De Paul Corporation seeks to help children who are affected by unending challenges and tragedies in Haïti. This not for profit corporation, whose funding sources rely upon voluntary donations, aspires to educate our friends and partners concerning the unrelenting work and the resources that are significantly needed for those impoverished families and children who are deprived of an education and basic necessities in the metropolitan town of PetionVille and the surrounding areas. This corporation is striving to make a difference in their lives.


The Homeles of St Vincent De Paul is a school build in 1990. It used to provide free education, food, books, school supplies, clothing transportation and medical assistance to the children. With the earthquake of 2010, the school was demolished. Several attempts were made to rebuild, but the lack of resources made it impossible to concretize the effort. While the school is in dire need, support is still given to some of the children.

With the earthquake of August 14 2021, the school was destroyed. It was already struggling to survive but in September the school had to close for lack of funding, leaving a lot of kids without schooling.

The school started a tutoring and an after-school program for 14th children. The school is still trying to help the children and it tutors and helps them with their homework, their school supplies and their books. With the limited fund, the school provides a meal for these low income children.

Considering that the country has no gas, therefore, no electricity, no internet, the students study with light of candles.

                                          CHRISTMAS PARTY

This year, the school could not afford neither gifts or Christmas party for the children.

Those pictures are from the 2019 Christmas Party whom was given in a friend Backyard. The children were given toys, clothing and shoes. The celebration included lots of games, songs, dance and plenty of food.

With the Covid19 of 2020, the yearly Christmas Party was cancelled.


  Caroll Baptiste, Rollie Coradin, Johane Fethiere, Aline Lauture,

  Reginald Victor Louis, Erna Pean, Taina Petit